Figure GPS-23 Recent use (last year) of amphetamines, ecstasy and cocaine among young adults – Part (i) Last year use among the 15 to 34 year age group


Sample sizes (n) refer to the number of respondents for the 15 to 34 year age group. For number of respondents for the whole surveys see epidemiological tables on population surveys in the 2006 statistical bulletin.

Data are from the most recent national surveys available in each country (see Epidemiological Tables on Population Surveys, EMCDDA statistical bulletin).

For young adults, the EMCDDA standard age range is 15 to 34 years (Denmark and UK from 16, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary and Germany from 18 years). Variations in age ranges may slightly influence some national differences. In some countries the figures were recalculated at national level, to adapt as far as possible to standard EMCDDA age groups.

Czech Republic: 2004; n=1414

Denmark: 2000; n=4141

Germany: 2003; n=3775

Estonia: 2003; n=646

Greece: 2004; n=2620

Spain: 2003; n=5357

France: 2002; n=724

Ireland: 2002/03; n=

Italy: 2003; n=5231

Latvia: 2003; n=4534 15-64 y.

Lithuania: 2004; n=1814

Hungary: 2003; n=2319

Netherlands: 2001; n=6687

Austria: 2004; n=1754

Poland: 2002; n=3148 16+ y.

Portugal: 2001; n=5472

Slovakia: 2004; n=578

Finland: 2004; n=1031

UK (E&W): 2004/05; n=9913

Bulgaria: 2005; n=433

Norway: 2004; n=1238

See also 'General notes for interpreting data' on the Explanatory notes and help page.


Reitox national reports (2005), taken from surveys reports or scientific articles.

See also Tables GPS-11 and GPS-18.

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