EMCDDA Statistical bulletin 2006

The statistical bulletin is a companion publication to the EMCDDA Annual report 2006 and provides access to over 250 tables and 150 graphics, most of which are interactive. This supplementary information source is based on the data tables collated by the EMCDDA from the information submitted by the national focal points Reitox network and constitutes the epidemiological basis on which the annual report is written. In addition to the tables of data and the accompanying graphics, the bulletin gives detailed technical commentaries, notes and descriptions.

Where to start:

You can browse through the bulletin in several ways:

  • from the Table of contents page you can go directly to the subject sections (chapters)

  • using the Index of tables and graphics to go directly to a table or graphic

  • page by page by using the and '<<prev' and 'next>>' links on the top right and bottom of each page

  • using the 'Quick links' box on this page to go directly to a section (you can return to this page from within the bulletin from any page by clicking on the 'Statistical bulletin home' link in the top navigation bar)

The Explanatory notes and help page provides some general notes to help with data interpretation as well as help with technical issues, including how to access the interactive features of the statistical bulletin.

For information on the methods and definitions used to produce the Statistical bulletin, see the Index of methods and definitions section.

Edition: Statistical bulletin 2006 – updated December 2006